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The Graziadei Award, established by Graziadei Studio Legale in 2012 to promote young Italian photography, is now in its sixth edition.

The Award is aimed at Italian photographers under 35 years old. The current structure of the Award, adopted from its third edition onwards, envisages that the winning photographer will exhibit the project at a public exhibition in Rome of an institutional nature and/or in any case of recognised prestige in the field of art and contemporary photography. With the benefit of a prize totalling 5,000 euros, the winning photographer will have a year to design and implement a totally new project of their choosing which will be exhibited during the next edition of the Award.

The aim of the Award is to publicise the best photography projects already realised, focusing once a year on a particular segment of photography (Under 35) and conveying how this generation expresses itself through the medium of photography. The Award also seeks to foster the growth of the selected photographer by furnishing them – through the prize – the resources to accomplish a new work.

Furthermore, through exhibitions in key public spaces in two subsequent editions of the Award, the winner will be afforded immediate access to the art world.

Among the winners of the previous editions are Andrea Botto (2012), Francesco Neri (2012), Luca Nostri (2013), Luca Spano (2013), Pietro Paolini (2014), The Cool Couple (2015), Alessandro Calabrese (2016) and Alba Zari (2017).
Francesco Neri photographs Graziadei Studio Legale.
Graziadei Studio Legale has chosen to portray its professionals through an art project conceived by Francesco Neri, winner of the first edition of the Graziadei Award for photography and a member of the jury for the sixth edition of the Award.

It is a choice in line with the trust that Graziadei Studio Legale has placed over the years in young Italian photographers. The firm did not wish to propose its own image of itself but has relied on the eye of a photographer, giving him full creative freedom to provide a vision of our world. The result is an unusual look that goes against the grain but one that is certainly original and stimulating at the same time.

The portraits commissioned from Neri constitute his photographic project, consisting of five pieces, which he will be free to use like any other of his works.